Monday, February 14, 2005

The Good Eye

Have you ever thought about looking at the spaces between things, instead of at the thing itself?
Yesterday morning, as I was sipping my coffee and doing a bit of channel surfing, I flipped to the "Wisdom Channel." I'd never looked at it before, but my sister Laura mentioned it me as something she watches from time to time because of its unusual and peaceful programming.

On that channel, I stumbled onto a really interesting show called "Miksang Photography." "Miksang" is a Tibetan word that means "Good Eye," and it describes a type of photography known as "contemplative photography" developed by photographer Michael Wood. Here's the official overview on the Miksang site:

"The "good" part is that our world, just as it is, is inherently rich and vivid. The "eye" part is that working with the practice of contemplative photography, we can tune into these qualities of our world. This journey is actually quite simple—to see with our eyes wide-open and our awareness right there. Once we have a moment of fresh perception, vivid and clear, there is a natural desire to communicate that experience. "

The photographs shown on the program, and on the website, are stunning in their simplicity and peacefulness.

The website also future airing dates and times for the program "Miksang Photography." I recommend it.

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  1. This is pretty hip! I would love to take Michael Woods' classes. I think I'll take my camera with me today. :)