Sunday, February 20, 2005

Too much work, too little quilting

It's been a quiet week in Lake Woebegon.

Well, not so quiet. Caroline has had the past week off from school as "ski week," but as Roger's college is still in session, we weren't able to go anywhere. Although we did think longingly of Roger's sister's house in Tahoe, sitting there empty amid all the lovely snow. I just had too much work to finish to take Caroline up there on my own.

Here's what we've been doing:

1. Made a big fort in the family room, complete with aluminum foil chains guarding the entrances (Caroline)

2. Learned how to put together a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, with animation even (which is pretty fun, actually) for a big upcoming hearing (Me) (I'll digress to say I put our side's arguments on slides with a pleasing blue background color, and the opposing side's arguments on a neutral but basically unappealing tannish/peachy color, which caused Bob (who I do this stuff for) to say "I love that vomit color for the other side's positions," then followed by our lovely blue slides for rebuttal.)

3. Sewed pre-cut blocks into a little quilt top, to be made into a donation baby quilt for the neonatal preemie unit at a local hospital (Caroline)

4. Fused Wonder-Under onto a bunch of fabric for future fusing sessions (me)

5. Went to the quilt guild meeting where Caroline couldn't wait to show off her quilt top but was then totally mortified at the attention from all those ladies (Caroline)

6. Enjoyed a delightful and wacky presentation of quilts by guest speaker Cynthia England (Caroline AND me)

7. Had a girls' dinner out for Chinese food when Roger had a late night at school (Caroline and me)

8. Played a lot of Yahtzee (Caroline AND me)

9. Complained that she was bored (Caroline)

10. Searched for my last shreds of patience (me)

11. Lost 9 pounds so far on my new healthy eating/exercise plan (not all in one week, of course)( ME!)

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  1. I definetely needed to read this since we are just beginning our Feb "break" week. And let me ask, who exactly is getting the break? A fort, that's a good idea! I'll put that on the list. I also bought a felted hat kit, so that's on the project list too. Deborah