Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Interruping Cat

Q. Knock knock.

A. Who's there?

Q. Interrupting cat.

A. Interru---


This is one of Caroline's favorite jokes. (She's only 9.) But it occurs to me because I'm having one of those spates where I can't do anything for getting interrupted.

I was going to sit and sew the binding on Roger's birthday quilt yesterday. I was LONGING to sit and sew the binding yesterday. But I had an appointment in the morning, which was longer than I anticipated...and I did go to the health club afterwards to work out for a bit, which was very good since I'm new to this place and not in the habit of getting there to make myself sweat. But suddenly I realized that I was going to have to rush to get back to town in time to pick up Caroline from school...and next thing I knew, I was into the after school world of homework and valentines and dinner prep.

I figured I could maybe do it last night, if Roger worked up in his office or went to bed early. But wait...I had a PTO meeting I couldn't miss, and by the time I got home, *I* was too tired. No problem, I thought. I'll do it wednesday morning.

I was SO looking forward to sitting and stitching and watching a movie. But just as I was putting the DVD in the player, the phone rang and it was my lawyer/friend/boss to tell me that the other side in a big case just produced a "smoking gun" the rest of my morning was spent on conference calls and quickly writing letters and pleadings to deal with that event.

Okay. I had lunch, gathered my supplies, put "Intolerable Cruelty" in the player (since it was 30 minutes shorter than my first choice, "Love Actually," and I'm realizing that fate is not on my side in this endeavor). I actually sewed for about 30 minutes, when I heard garbage cans rattling on the side of the house...which could only mean that, inexplicably, Roger was home early and was returning trash cans from the curb to the side yard.

Eek! I bolted upstairs, dragging quilt and incriminating supplies. By the time he came in, I was sitting calmly (if you didn't notice the light panting) at my computer, looking like I was working.

Roger was home early to start the unpleasant prep for a colonoscopy tomorrow morning. Lucky for me, Roger asked to postpone his birthday celebration and presents and such until Friday, so he could relax and enjoy it...otherwise he'd be choosing his favorite clear broth for his birthday dinner.

So. I think I'll be sitting up late tonight, to finish this thing. And I'm sort of glad to report that the first 30 minutes of Intolerable Cruelty were pretty bad (and that's not even if you are a lawyer offended by all the ridiculous unethical lawyering in that span of time).


  1. You make my day seem lie a piece of cake! Still hoping to see tht quilt soon.

  2. Ha. In my house it's an interrupting cow. Moooooooooo.