Sunday, February 06, 2005

You know how days go by and you're busy the whole time and then you try to figure out what you've been doing and you can't think of much? Well, that's how my days have been lately. Here are 10 things I've done over the last few days:

1. Cleaned Caroline's bedroom (this involved me closely guarding a trash bag so that she couldn't pull broken items out after I put them in);

2. Pieced together the backing fabric for TWO quilts (piecing the back is my least favorite quilt task in the whole world, so this is a huge accomplishment);

3. Drafted a Motion for Reconsideration in one case, and wrote an Objection to Summary Judgment, about the fascinating intricacies of uninsured motorist insurance policy language;

4. Watched the first 4 episodes of "The Gilmore Girls," thanks to my sister who gave me the 1st season on DVD. I'd never seen the show, and I'm loving it;

5. Organized and ran an early Chinese New Year party for Caroline's 3rd grade class, complete with projects, food, and music. Watching the 3rd graders parade their dragons through the kindergarten classroom was a real hoot;

6. Went to the health club 3 times to use cardio machines and swim;

7. Went out to a late birthday dinner with Roger at our favorite Japanese restaurant, and tried a new (and off-the-menu) maki called a "Utah Roll" (although whether it's actually named for the state is unclear to us). It involved avocado, tempura shrimp, crab, and tuna. Delish.

8. Finally figured out how to make perfectly cooked rice (without uncook crunchy bits) in the rice cooker that has been hiding in the back of a cupboard. I know these are supposed to make cooking rice easy, but every time I used it so far, following the instructions TO THE LETTER the rice was undercooked.

9. Ordered TWO new quilt books, by Laura Wasilowski and Ruth McDowell, respectively.

10. Attended the quilt guild meeting to see people pledge to finish their UFO's (hearing about others' unfinished projects always makes me feel better about my own).

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  1. What a great idea - to take stock of what you have actually accomplished. I spent Friday in a melt down. Yesterday Steve and I stocked up on stuff at Costco and Trader Joes and I frittered away the day working on cleaning my studio and working on my blog. I think I'm ready for viewers, if you want to take a look! Just click on my name.