Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ring around the web ring

I am in a much better frame of mind today. I attribute this to a really fun outing on Friday with my quilty friends (the fab five fieldtrip group) which not only was fun for all sorts of reasons, but also because for an entire 24 hours I didn't think about the work project that has been hanging over me.

And that meant that when I sat down on Saturday to finish, my mind was clear and I got so much more done. Today, the only thing left to do is proof read and then email it across the country so Tammie, the diligent secretary, can do final assembly on the exhibits and send it off to court.

And then there's the cleaning of the office, but that'll actually be fun... to put something fun on tv (I'm saving my tape of the Project Runway finale to watch -- and yes, I heard who won even tho I was trying not to, but don't tell me any more), put all these papers away, and reclaim my sewing space.

But I did want to point out with pride that the Artful Quilters Web Ring that was born in January already has somewhere around 35 members! If you haven't tried exploring other art quilt related blogs by using the ring box on the left to navigate, you're in for some fun! Get yourself a beverage, sit back, and be prepard to meet some delightful and talented artists!

For info on how to join the ring and get the button for your blog page, see my entries click here and here.

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