Monday, February 28, 2005

New work!

Well, here's what I did this afternoon. Finally, a bit of time to relax and play with some of the fabric I wonder-undered a few weeks ago. This isn't done, just fused together as a top. But knowing how time gets away from me and life intervenes, it'll probably be a while until I get it assembled and quilted. And it's been so long that I've had anything new to show here, that I wanted to post it.

Having finished my big work project yesterday, I decided to take the whole day off. I put dinner in the crock pot (a lovely "Orange Burgundy Chicken" recipe that turned out to be delicious..this is definitely going into the "keeper" file), and settled back to watch the episodes of Project Runway that I'd missed and then was able to tape when they ran a marathon last weekend. I had a lovely time watching past episodes while thumbing through old quilting magazines to rip out the articles and photos I wanted to keep for inspiration... My favorite Runway episode was the wedding dress one, by the way.

So, about lunchtime, I figured as long as I was indulging myself, I'd go whole hog and watch the 2-hour finale. I prepared my lunch (a Trader Joe's burrito and apple slices, in case you're interested), pressed "Play" and settled back.

Wait. What's that corny sitcom doing on MY tape? I fast forwarded. Still the sitcom. I stabbed at the fast-forward button more urgently. Still, just sitcom.

Oh my. Either I forgot to set the channel when I set it to tape, which is possible, or Roger turned the tv on and turned the channel not realizing I was taping something, also possible. The dreadful result: NO PROJECT RUNWAY.

Well, lest you worry that I am finale-less, I posted a message on the Quilt Art list (knowing that fellow fabric-aholics would have been engrossed, too) and within minutes I had an offer of a tape from someone. Phew.

So, that freed up 2 hours and I was able to fuse.

I tell you, a bit of sleep and a creative project and I feel like a new woman.


  1. Will you share the Orange Burgundy Chicken recipe? And that is a fun piece and nice reward after completing a major project :)

  2. Great fused top! And what a fun combo with the black and white fabrics. DEeeeelicious, and glad you got a chance to insert some creativity into your day. Let that be a lesson to us all.

  3. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Oh will you please share the Orange Burgundy Chicken recipe? Love the piece.