Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Healing thoughts for Gerrie

I have spent much of today thinking of my good friend Gerrie, who underwent a mastectomy this morning.

I met Gerrie through my quilt guild. When I joined 2 years ago, I wondered whether, in a room full of white-haired older women, I was going to find anyone that liked the sort of quilting I liked and who didn't care too much about quilting rules. Well, early on I met Gerrie--she wasn't hard to miss, with her red hair, red eyeglasses, lime green attire, and big smile. And as time passed and I saw the quilts she brought for show and tell, I knew that she was my type of quilter! She invited me to come to the art quilt group, where I found my "real" quilting home. Anything goes there, quilt wise, and Gerrie has done a lot to keep the group open, welcoming, and sharing.

Gerrie has a quick smile and an energy I envy. She's eager to try new things, and she's got a very positive attitude. She's passionate about her art, and she loves to talk about what she's doing and what she's learned. She eagerly shares ideas and tips and, most of all, her enthusiasm about art quilting. She just keeps growing and learning and having fun. She's a great role model.

She's also a very happy and devoted mom, grandma and wife. I can honestly say I haven't ever heard her grumble about her husband Steve, which is rather amazing (as you wives will acknowledge). She's SO proud of her daughters Lisa and Stephanie and her son Mark. And she tells very funny stories about her grandchildren Mia and Miles! Gerrie is having a medically intense day, I've kept my thoughts with her. She's a strong person, and she has approached this recent diagnosis with an amazing practical optimism. I know she'll come through this difficult time and be smiling on the other side of it.

I have no doubt that Gerrie will be up and emailing and sewing in a few days, if not sooner. She's probably been lying in the recovery room planning the quilts she'll make and how she can translate those drug-induced images she's been seeing into fabric!

Do me a favor, please? When you get into bed tonight, say a prayer or send a healing, happy thought out into the universe for Gerrie.

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