Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Questions from Karoda

Karoda sent me personalized interview questions (another meme!) so here they are with my answers:

1. What was the impetus for starting the AQ web ring?

I started reading blogs, and found I couldn't stop! When I found a blog I liked, I'd use that blogger's links to find other fun stuff to read...and along the way I found that the ring buttons were a great way of linking like-minded bloggers. I started to read a few of the knitting blog rings, not for the knitting content (I'm merely an occasional knitter) but for the wonderful sense of community they provided. When I started blogging, and obsessively reading Melody's blog, it occurred to me that I wanted us quilters to have a ring as warm and interesting as the knitters, but with content about the quilt world. So, not knowing anything about HTML, I jumped in with Ringsurf and have been feeling my way through. And now we have 50 members! We should break out the champagne!

2. What do you enjoy the most about the ring?

Ooh, "most" is hard. I love the feeling of community with other quilters exploring art through quilt making. I love seeing what others are making, and learning about how they go through their processes. I'm greatly encouraged by hearing about others' stops and starts and frustrations on the way to making great stuff! And as I'm getting to know the ring members I enjoy learning about the variety of lives we lead. One of my favorite days was finding this entry by Dijanne Cevaal showing kangaroos on the lawn of a cottage she was visiting! It brought home to me in such a shocking way how different our lives are. I'm really loving finding new friends through this ring.

3. Do you plan to enter Smoke Signals in a show? explain

You know, I think I will! Entering shows is new for me... Aside from county fair and local quilt guild shows, I've only entered something once into a big show, Pacific Quilt International. And it got in! I was very pleased. (You can see Red Threads here.) Until then, my biggest claim to fame was winning a "Best of Show" at the Cloverdale, California Citrus Fair, where my quilt was featured in a room where the other big attraction was -- I kid you not -- a HUGE model of the Titanic done in citrus fruit. (Just the thought kinds of leaves you speechless, doesn't it?!) I was just perusing this great listing of upcoming quilt/art shows posted by Lyric Kinard, to find where I might enter Smoke Signals. Suggestions, anyone?

4. What art quilt(s) have you seen that just floors you, leaves you breathless? Yours or one of others?

Yikes. There are many. Melody Johnson's "Matchstick Moons" enthralls me. I love anything by Keiko Goke, like this, for example, and this. I also admire the elegance of Liz Berg's art quilts...her composition is always excellent.

5. As a quilter, what do you do well?

I think I have great ideas and a good eye for imagery. I also feel good about my color sense. But there's so much more to learn and explore!

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  1. Hi Diane, I was curious if you would identify your colour and imagery sense as things you do well. In your entries that showed the blocks you did for your group those 2 things struck me.

    and yea, I had to re-read the line about the Titanic in citrus fruit...I wonder if that was decided by "committee". hehehe

    thanks for playing.