Saturday, March 26, 2005

Little girl dresses

I may be getting desperate enough to start sewing clothes again.

This afternoon, Caroline and I went shopping for an Easter outfit. I know, I know, it was terribly last minute...but I figured we'd either find something or we wouldn't and she'd wear something she has. She's just had one of those sudden growth spurts that kids do, and many of her clothes are too small. So, after her riding lesson, we stopped at the mall.

The good news was that the Eastery dresses and skirts and tops were on sale. The bad news was that they were horrid! On average, clothes for 3rd grade girls (out of the toddler cute stuff and too young for the teenage clothes) are appalling. I wouldn't let a 16 year old wear some of the stuff they sell for 9 year olds. I guess they're marketing to create lots of baby Brittany Spears. Gag.

We did stumble onto a very charming lavender dress that doesn't look too little girlish and even has a sort of sophistication to it. On sale for half off, even. If we manage to get a picture tomorrow, I'll post it. Is there a Manolo for kids? We scored with on-sale rainboots, but we're making do with the navy school shoes for Easter footwear.

We're off to Sacramento for the day, to have brunch with our good friends Beth and Tim, Pat and Pia, and their family of dogs. We're doing brunch at a riverboat restaurant in Old Sacramento, which should be great fun. And a backyard Easter egg hunt, of course. Now I'm going to go dig out my Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it...

Happy Easter, everyone!

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  1. Don't even get me started on shoes for little girls. Everything is strappy and has a heel on it. Why is it that I can find a nice sturdy sandal that is great for running and playing in the summer time and for my son, but for my daughter I can only find glitter? Are girls not supposed to play in the mud and grass and climb jungle gyms?!