Thursday, March 24, 2005

I'm free!

I wrote some time ago about how procrastination pays off for lawyers. Well, it's been reinforced for me again.

I've had a long list of projects to do for Bob, my NH law partner...research on a bunch of different issues, revising pleadings, scripting depositions, starting trial memos... But as none have had immediate deadlines, I've been inching forward on them. I've done a bit each day, but I've been making time to do other things (like dyeing fabric and figuring out new places to stuff it around the house). But I was thinking that the crunch was coming, and I was planning on next week being a busy work week for me.

And then, this morning, I got an urgent email in my box: "The case has settled; stop all work!" Yahoo!!!

So, I'm feeling free. Yes, I have other work to do on a few other cases, but all small stuff with faraway deadlines. And with Caroline busy at pony camp next week for spring vacation, I'll have time to quilt! And play with Silvia, who will be visiting from Guatemala!

I tell you, it always works out in the end.


  1. Yippee! Wish I could be around to play with you!

  2. Me too! Have a great time! There's nothing quite as wonderful as unexpectedly free time :-)