Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Little indulgences

Today was a day of small indulgences. You've all heard me complain about how much work I've done lately, so today was another day to celebrate a bit and not do to much. I treated myself in some lovely little ways:

* An extra cup of Kenya coffee while watching the next episode of The Gilmore Girls this morning

* An excursion to have my hair trimmed and a fun chat with my talented hair stylist Maria at Elle Lui (we talked almost nonstop about Project Runway.)

* A detour for a quick lunch at the new fast food Chinese place, for "firecracker chicken" which was delicious

* Lunch was especially delicious because I ate while reading a new mystery by Ayelet Waldman called "Murder Plays House" (her heroine is the utterly human, funny, and very pregnant mother of two toddlers and wife of a Hollywood screenwriter... )

* Work out at the health club while listening to the new Maroon 5 cd because they were nominated for Grammy awards and I was curious to hear them

* Home to experiment with a new fusing project, still in progress (and puzzling me on the design wall about where to go next)

* Ratatouille from the Moosewood Cookbook for dinner...which fresh parmesan cheese grated on the new Microplane grater my friend Pat told me I couldn't live without.

* An evening of blog, off to bed.

A very, very nice day.

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  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Diane...try the CD by Switchfoot. They are a Christian rock group. Not what I normally listen to but my younger son likes them so he puts them in the player in the car (and I am a captive audience) and I LOVE them. I have been cooking a quilt in my mind based on their song "Twentyfour" which is the last song on the CD.