Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I've Dyed and Gone to Heaven!

My first hand-dyed fabrics!

Well, I knew I was going to like it...but I'm addicted already.

On Sunday, I had my first experience dying my own fabrics. I took a class with Judy Bianchi and Carlene Keller, whose hand-dyed fabrics are sold by New Pieces in Berkeley, Fabrications here in Healdsburg, and at other fine establishments. Judy's been inviting me to come and trying dying with them for a while now... but dates never worked out. Finally, Sunday was free and away I went.

Carlene has a great set up for dying fabric. She has large tables in her garage, with a utility room right off with big sinks and plenty of counter space for mixing and rinsing. We started by making gradations of one color, then did blends. I had such a grand time and couldn't stop... I came home with 28 tubs, each containing a half yard of fabric soaking in dye!

I learned that next time around, I'll need to manipulate the fabric more. These came out quite blotchy, almost tie-dyed in placees. And because I put the fabric in the same way each time, I ended up with a similar pattern on a few pieces...maybe I'll find a way to work that into a project.

So, it was much fun and I can't wait to do it again!


  1. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Oh my goodness....these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. They are beautiful and I like the look. If you mani[ulate too much, it is not quite as interesting IMHO. I want to try the method of laying the fabric on pans or whatever and squirting with dye to get the multiple colors in one piece ala Mrs. Mel, Sue Benner and Sandi Cummings. Bring them Thursday so that we can see them up close!

  3. girl, fabulous work :)

  4. They're beautiful colors. Isn't it a fantastic feeling to pet your fabric(lol) Nice work.

  5. Of course I have to put in my two cents! Yummamente!!
    Whaddya mean 28 tubs? I hope you mean something like gladware containers or some such portable small things?
    Here is method #2. Place presoaked fabrics (soda ash soaked I mean) in containers and apply several different colors. Press down the folds so that the dye is squeezed thru to the lower layers and then LEAVE IT ALONE TIL TOMORROW. You will have nice surprises I am sure.