Monday, December 27, 2004

And now, back to quilting...

Maybe now I can get back to quilting!

Today's plan is to clear away the clutter from the "gift wrap central" station, and to tidy up the heap of paper that has landed on the floor next to my computer as the result of a big work project last week.

and then I can sew! I'll finish the quilt in progress for Roger (which is so far safe to mention here because I know he can't remember the name of my blog and I won't remind him until I've given him the quilt), and I'll start cutting pieces for the red and white house quilt I'm planning.

I'm tempted to drive to the Quilted Angel in Petaluma because I know they've put every bit of fabric in the store on sale for 20% I just got an email announcement that New Pieces in Berkeley is having a sale. This may call for a road trip later this week!

But for now, I'll control myself and clear away the mess so I can sew in peace!

I've already put in a request to Roger for a birthday present (seeing as how it rolls up at the end of January so quickly) for cordless headphones phones, so I can listen to the stereo or tv while I sew and actually hear over the sewing machine noise. I'm looking forward to a period of total immersion in sewing...

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