Wednesday, December 01, 2004


I figured I was going tohave to spend all morning waiting around for the Crate and Barrel truck to arrive with the new kitchen table. The phone message said they'd come between 9am and noon. Uh huh, I thought. It'll be after lunch, for sure. But to my surprise, the doorbell rang at 9:15 and by 9:30 the delivery guys had set up the table and unboxed the chairs. (Two of the six were damaged and will have to be returned, but we can cope with 4 chairs for a bit.) It looks great! A white-ish table (tres chabby chic) and red chairs. Looks wonderful with the red-tiled fireplace in the background.

Today is mine! Caroline will go to Auntie Laura's after school for fun and crafts (Aunties are the best!) and that means I have the day to play! I think Rita will come to play today. She's promised to show me what she learned at Art Quilt Tahoe, including how to open my Bernina up and get all that grime out! Some day, I'll be able to get up to Art Quilt Tahoe and spend two weeks sewing and hanging out with creative women...but heck, I can do it right here. Inspiration isn't the problem...discipline is.

So, that said, I'm going to tackle the chair quilt I have in progress. I want to machine applique text onto the borders, which means I'll need to use Microsoft Publisher..which makes it easy as pie IF ONLY I can find the cd to install it on my computer.

What is it about my creative process that gets me all excited to start a project, then stalls me in the middle? I think I have to work on just pushing through, pushing through.....

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  1. Love your table and chairs!
    So what is it that MS Publisher can do to for your appliqued text on your quilt?
    Does your sewing machine plug into the hard drive on your computer? Or are you using large scale fonts for a pattern?