Monday, December 27, 2004

Sleepy Christmas

You can tell Roger is sound asleep by the fact that he hasn't noticed the smoked salmon plate on the table in front of him!

Mom and Dad, and then Laura arrived...We enjoyed artichoke dip, smoked salmon, and champagne until Gregg, Kitt, and Kitt's mom Gloria arrived...Then we indulged in more wild present opening. Of course, afterwards we needed more food to fortify ourselves, so we had dinner, which consisted of
Cheesy scalloped potatoes
Green beans in a tomato/bacon sauce
Laura's favorite raspberry jello with applesauce and seven-up
Green salad with blue cheese, green apple, and pecans
Rolls from La Boulangerie in Los Altos (it wouldn't be Christmas without these)

Gloria brought Caroline a domino game and then she and Kitt showed us all how to play, including how to bet for money. I see many domino tournaments in our future!

Ann, Walt, and Sarah Spalding joined us for dessert. Caroline and Sarah retreated to the family room to share their new toys and have "girl time" together. The grownups moved on to dessert, which consisted of chocolate mint bundt cake (made in my new snowflake pan), various cookies, and a luscious mocha toffee that Gregg found in SF.

All in all, it was a fulfilling (in more ways than one)day.

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