Thursday, December 09, 2004

Drying up

We've gone through a lot of tissues in our house over the past few days. Caroline and I are on the way to recovering from our colds. Not surprisingly, she's far more energetic than I am! Roger has managed to avoid the bug, which is good. But he's heading into finals week, which means he has quite a few papers to grade and he's grumpy.

Today's big adventure is that a man from the builder of our home came to pull up the flooring in the master bathroom to tackle (for the second time) the inexplicable water seeping out of the shower. Actually, it's not inexplicable--it's easily explained by the fact that the original installer of the shower did it wrong, period. Thisx means that the vinyl flooring has been cut up, and now a large fan and a dehumidifier are humming away in the bathroom in an effort to dry out the floor board before they cut away parts to repair the water damage. Thank goodness for warranties, and for a responsible builder.

So much for taking a nice, relaxing hot bath tonight, though.

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  1. Diane,
    I am so thrilled to see your back at the blog. Too bad about your bathroom, how annoying.
    I accidently clicked my mouse when it was on a picture of yours and discovered that the page popped up with a great big picture. So I went to my own blog and did the same thing and voila another big picture appeared on an alternate page. I simply must announce this in my blog asap.
    Hoping you write often, I love it!