Friday, December 31, 2004

Hitting the Sales

Neither rain, nor thunder, nor holiday traffic can keep diehard quilters from a fabric sale! On Thursday, Janet Shore, Rita Pesetti and I headed off to visit two shops with big holiday sales. Rainstorms were predicted, but we weren't daunted. Our first stop was The Quilted Angel in Petaluma where everything in the store was on sale. How can you resist a sale like that? Here, Rita and Janet have fabric cut by the store's new owner (whose name I forget, I'm afraid).

We then moved on to New Pieces in Berkeley. It's the sort of store where every bolt of fabric is great, and it's hard to move from one side of the store to the other without being waylaid by stuff you just HAVE to look at, fondle, and maybe even purchase. We all found fabric we couldn't part without, plus Rita and I both bought "Journey of an Art Quilter" by Barbara Olson.

We can't go anywhere, let alone the very quilt store where Janet worked for several years, without encountering quilting friends of hers. We all chatted happily with Sharona, the new owner of the shop. And as we were paying for our goods, in walked Roberta Horton to check out the sale.

After that, we visited New Pieces' quilt gallery up the street, where we oohed and aahed over a lovely assortment of quilts. I took the opportunity to take a photograph of Rita and Janet, looking happy.

We realized that purchasing fabric couldn't stave off our hunger any longer, so we made our way to the terrific Mexican restaurant Janet has introduced us to. We sat next to a fireplace with a real, burning fire in it (so cozy!) and ate chile rellenos and enchiladas. The perfect spicy lunch on a cold, rainy day.

It was worth the rainy drive to have such a fun day. Now, to get to work using this lovely new fabric...

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