Friday, December 31, 2004

The last day of 2004

It is New Year's Eve day, and what are we doing? We are not vacuuming the kitchen floor in preparation for the arrival of our friends Beth and Tim. No, instead we are standing around the kitchen watching the kitchen be vacuumed by Roger's favorite Christmas present, a "Roomba" robotic vacuum cleaner. This was a brilliant idea on my part, I believe. I'm annoyed by ever-present crumbs on the kitchen floor, and Roger loves gadgety things. So this will please us both. Plus, we suspect, it will keep the cats entertained. I figured I should photograph the christening of our first family robot. Note to self: this thing really moves! That little grey thing in the corner is the Roomba, rushing out of the frame to grab a crumb or wisp of cat hair or something.

Okay, here's a slightly better shot. And it's blurry because the darned things is still moving along happily.

Ah ha! Here's Roomba heading to the corner to find more cat hair. Cute, huh? Another note to self: it takes just as much time to stand around watching the Roomba vacuum as it does to vacuum, although it is far more restful.

This is not, however, the highlight of the day. Beth and Tim are coming from Sacramento to see in the New Year with us, and we will dine on delicious nibbles from Oakville Grocery for dinner, along with champagne, of course. (Menu: fresh chilled shrimp and cocktail sauce, smoked trout pate and crackers, chinese sesame noodles, stuffed grape leaves, bits of crabcake and smoked salmon fritatta, green salad with blue cheese, pecans, and sliced apple, a selection of gourmet cheeses, roasted beets, and sour dough french bread.)

Happy New Year!

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