Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I'm not panicking

I'm not panicking. Really.

I got up early this morning to make find that Roger has eaten the butterscotch chips I need for the recipe.

Okay. I'll do the shortbread stars...but oops, the sprinkles are gone. Looks like a trip to the grocery store is in order before I start.

No worry. I'll wrap presents...but wait, the red paper that Santa uses is gone. And I couldn't find any plain red wrapping paper when I was shopping yesterday. Will Caroline notice? Maybe Santa won't wrap his presents and just put them under the tree unwrapped.

Where the heck is that red tablecloth I used last year? We have about 30 people coming tonight for Christmas caroling....and cookies (still to be baked) and cider (not yet purchased)...We do have the champagne, but at this point I'm counting on THAT to get me through the day!

Which reminds me...where are those sheets with song lyrics we used last year? In the garage somewhere, I'm sure. Looks like I'll need a flashlight to go find them...

But oops, no D batteries for the flashlight. Add those to the shopping list.

And, just to top the morning off, the bathroom toilet isn't flushing. Lovely.

But I'm not panicking, no sirree, I'm not panicking.


  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Dear Friend... "Stay out of the garage"! Remember your knee? We must talk about your Christmas planning before next year. My moto this year was "Point and Click!" Magic!

  2. Diane, these two posts about not panicking and the caroling party are priceless. Absolutely what I want to read as part of my every Christmas tradition.
    And to think you do all this stuff without snow!
    If I were making cookies this year, I would definitely make the coconut thumbprints.
    Merry Christmas Eve, one day and counting.