Tuesday, December 14, 2004

What's your Mon-tra?

Caroline's buddy Christopher came home with her after school for a play date. On the way home in the car, they were discussing the creatures they were inventing for their imaginary world, very much influenced by Harry Potter. Christopher's suggestion was a "spermit" which, he announced, would be like a hermit crab but with super powers.

A "spermit" brings other images and powers to mind for me, but never mind.

Caroline has recently discovered the world of Digimon (digital monsters--that's the sum total of my knowledge on the subject ... but why is it that those Japanese anime people always have big round eyes? That's what I want to know). And so from time to time she's announced her own digimon creatures...foalmon (a baby horse) that morphs into unimon (a unicorn with superpowers.) She suggested that Roger and I play along and invent some.

I'm Mommimon and I am known to morph into various characters, including Krankimon, Sleepimon, Happimon, Fatigimon...

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